About me:

About me:

I am from 1973 and started taking photographs when i was about 16 years old.

The photo’s i took where mostly planes and other flying objects. Whe had an USAF base nearby in that day and they flew with F-15 Eagles. They build a nice hill for the plane spotters at the start of the runway. I spent a lot of time there.

When the USAF left, there was not that much action on the airbase and i stopped spotting planes and photographing them.

Later, when i was in the Royal Dutch Navy, i picked up my camera again on various trips around the globe.

I started to use the camera more and more again.

On my website you find some of the photo’s i took over the past years.

Sometimes i don’t use my camera a lot and then i take a course or something to activate the joy of taking photo’s. So there are some photo’s of those courses on this site.



Jorrit de Jager

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